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The National Vacancy Service for Teachers and Schools


TeachVac leverages unique cutting-edge technology to gather and process teaching and leadership vacancies from all UK schools. With over 80k vacancies processed in 2022 just between January and July, our system enables schools/MATs to effectively monitor their hiring process and predict their future needs while giving teachers an easy way to find their next job.


For teachers: a dedicated and tailored job finder with daily updates.

For Schools: a low cost, route to teachers looking for your type of vacancies with state-of-the-art technology to save you time and hassle when posting vacancies.

For MATs/Dioceses/Local Authorities: cost effective pricing that reduces the cost as more schools sign up

Special Offer to schools in August, £250 for 12 months unlimited matches

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In 2014, TeachVac was founded to address the increasing cost in advertising teaching vacancies – estimated to exceed £50M per year – and the lack of market information about teacher recruitment faced by both teachers and schools. The result was the creation of TeachVac.

TeachVac now has an unrivalled state-of-the-art vacancy matching system which is simple and quick and easy to use for both schools and teachers. Between January to July 2022 TeachVac processed 79,000 vacancies from schools across England, making it The national Vacancy service for Teachers. TeachVac also issues regular reports on the labour market and can provide custom built reports for clients on request.

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The TeachVac team

Professor John Howson, the noted academic, has conducted research into the labour market for teachers since the early 1980s and is an acknowledged expert in the field. John is a qualified teacher and teacher trainer. John spends his time using his extensive network of contacts to promote TeachVac, giving seminars and talks on the vacancy market and doing detailed analysis of the extensive collection of data accrued by TeachVac. His blog is at

Peter Richardson, our Head of IT, is responsible for coordinating, planning, and leading our IT department. Peter determines our IT needs and implements and maintains all of our computer systems.

Robyn Geddes and Morgan Babonau are our Programmers, they assist in designing, developing and testing our software and ensure we adhere to best practices in performance, reliability and security. Robyn also helps with our website development and leads on our social media marketing.

From spring through to the end of summer, we have a team of temporary part-time staff who process all of our vacancy data and assist with keeping our databases up to date.

"I would recommend TeachVac to others"

- TeachVac User -

"Jobs listed were current and the sevice is helpful"

- TeachVac User -

"Best website for teaching vacancies. Sticks to criteria required and only show appropriate vacancies. Simple and to the point. Teachvac have vacancies on their website before any other websites."

- TeachVac User -

"I found the updates and site easy to use. The alerts we're relevant and I applied for jobs using this service. I did get a job that you advertised but applied through another provider. If I need you again, I'll update my preference. Thanks."

- TeachVac User -




TeachVac helps teachers search for jobs and schools list vacancies. Registration and use is free for teachers, trainees and schools.


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